‘Tough’ Hub


GPSR ‘Tough’ Hub
Bigger, Stronger, Lighter.

The Tough Hub’s oversized design strengthens the flange area and weighs less than our traditional Barnes Style hub.

It’s 3 in 1 function allows use as a front hub, rear hub with Bolt-On Quick Change Adapters, or rear hub with Pull-Thru Reversible Quick Change Adapters.

Tough Hubs are sold complete. Includes: hub, 2 adapters, 2 bearings (installed), 2 knock-off nuts (rear only), spacers, and hardware. Choose from raw aluminum or black anodized finish.

So Many Choices. . . Pick The Setup That Is Right For You.
The Tough Hub can do it all: standard front, TT front, quick change rear or reversible quick change rear.

Front and Rear

Hub without adapters is 4” wide. Flange is 5” diameter.

Hub Adapters
All Tough Hubs include adapters with pre-installed bearings. Adapters are 0.25” – 2.0” wide each side.

Ceramic Bearings
For reduced friction, optional ceramic bearings are available.

All Tough Hubs feature wheel spacers that capture the hub’s floating center spacer, holding it in place when the axle is removed and installed.

Choose from raw aluminum or black anodized finish.


Choose Standard (no brake) or TT (with brake) adapters. Our front adapters attach to the hub using 8 machined bolts and come with bearings already installed.

Standard Front
4” wide hub. Total width including 2 standard adapters is 4.5”

  • Universal Front

TT Front
TT Front Hub includes 2 adapters: 1 standard and 1 disc brake mount.

  • Honda CRF450
  • Yamaha YZF450


Rear with Quick Change Bolt-On Adapters
Our Tough Hub’s quick change bolt-on adapters are attached with 8 machined bolts PLUS 4 pressed in steel pins to handle the increased loads from today’s higher output race bikes. Much stronger than traditional 6 or 8 bolt designs.

Features knock-off nuts for quick changing of the sprocket and brake. Our adapters are precisely machined to save weight while maintaining strength. Custom widths are available.

  • 6.25” Wide with Symmetrical Adapters
  • 6.50” Wide with Symmetrical Adapters
  • 7.25” Wide with Symmetrical Adapters
  • 8.0” Wide with Symmetrical Adapters
  • Honda CRF450
  • Yamaha YZF450

Rear with Quick Change Pull-Thru Reversible Adapters
The reversible design allows turning over the rear tire without removing it from the rim. Instead of bolting to the hub, pull-thru adapters attach to the hub using one of the knock-off nuts. Unscrew one knock-off nut and in less than 30 seconds you can reverse the direction of the tire.

Reversible adapters are only recommended for asymmetrical rear wheel setups where the right and left side are different widths. If the adapters are the same width, we recommend using bolt-on adapters.

Combine right and left widths to achieve the proper setup. Adapters include knock-off nuts to quickly change sprockets and disc brakes.

  • Honda CRF450 Rear
  • Yamaha YZF450 Rear

Quick Change Rear Disc Brake Mount

  • For Yamaha 10.5” disc brake with 6 point attachment
Shown with Adapters (click to enlarge)
Tough Hub
click for Bolt-On Adapters
click for Pull-thru Adapters
Pull Thru Adapters


September 22, 2015
GPS Racing | ‘Tough’ Hub | GPS Racing
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