Quick Change Pull-Thru Reversible Adapters


GPSR Quick Change Pull-thru Reversible Adapters
Pull-Thru Reversible Quick Change Adapters fit Carbon Fiber wheels and Tough Hubs.

The reversible design allows turning over the rear tire without removing it from the rim. Instead of bolting to the hub, pull-thru adapters attach to the hub using one of the knock-off nuts. Unscrew one knock-off nut and in less than 30 seconds you can reverse the direction of the tire.

Reversible adapters are only recommended for asymmetrical rear wheel setups where the right and left side are different widths. If the adapters are the same width, we recommend using bolt-on adapters.

Combine right and left widths to achieve the proper setup. Custom sizes are available. Currently available for:

  • Honda CRF450 Rear
  • Yamaha YZF450 Rear

Quick Change Sprocket and Brake
All adapters use ‘Quick Change’ knock-off nuts. The knock-off nuts spin off and on for quick changing of sprockets and brakes. 2-winged nuts and round nuts are available. For easy removing and tightening of the nuts, use the GPSR Knock-Off Nut Tool.

Quick Change Rear Disc Brake Mount

  • For Yamaha 10.5” disc brake with 6 point attachment

Sealed bearings are included and come pre-installed.

Ceramic Bearings
For reduced friction, optional ceramic bearings are available.

Quick Change Rear Disc Brake Mount (click to enlarge)
Brake Mount


September 22, 2015
GPS Racing | Quick Change Pull-Thru Reversible Adapters | GPS Racing
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